GRAMAM is an excellent platform for our social and cultural activities. We are hosting many events and programs throughout the year. We need your cooperation and moreover your support through membership to successfully deliver these events to you.

You can pay the membership fee either thru PAYPAL, CHECK or CASH. We had setup a dedicated pay me link below using PAYPAL, we would encourage you to try PAYPAL (Paypal Buttons below), which is very simple, convenient and easy for accounting.
Note: When paying via paypal, you need to ensure the checkbox saying "for goods and services" is left unchecked. And you would need to pay to paypal from your connected bank account. If not, there will be extra charges that you will have to bear.


$25 / year


$40 / year

You can also pay by check payable to ‘GRAMAM’. You can also choose to pay via CASH to a GRAMAM Committee member or during our scheduled events.

Please send an email to for more details.

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